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Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop (Second edition) – Video and Slide-deck

On the 30th of September Christiaan Brinkhoff and Microsoft organized the second edition of the Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop event. This is a free community event organized for Microsoft customers and partners. The first edition was in April this year, and like before there where a bunch of awesome speakers which presented their sessions about different topic regarding Windows Virtual Desktop.

I am heavily involved within the community since the beginning of this year and especially with the WVD Community. Together with Neil Mcloughlin and Patrick Köhler I am running this community.

We publish a WVD Newsletter every Sunday, and every 2 weeks we are recording a WVD Community podcast together with amazing people from the community.

In this presentation we will show you the power of a community and show you some best practices regarding WVD.



I really hope you enjoyed our presentation and I would like to thank you all for attending! Any feedback is appreciated.

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