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Updating vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 to Update 2

In this post I will go through the proces of updating your VCSA 6.0.0 with update 2.

For all the new Features and Release notes see VMware vCenter Server 6.0 Update 2 Release Notes

In my environment I have the VCSA Appliance running with embedded Platform Services Controller [PSC]. If you deployed an external PSC separately from vCenter then this post will still work for you! The upgrade procedure is the exact same on both the vCenter and PSC just upgrade the PSC first before vCenter.

Upgrade from VCSA 6.0.0

Download VCSA Update 2

First download the Update 2 ISO file from VMware. To download the correct version go to VMware Product Patches, in the dropdown menu select VC. Because in my environment I have vCenter running as an appliance on VMware Workstation I will need to download VMware-vCenter-Server-Appliance-

VCSA U2 - Download ISO file

First things first

  1. Make a snapshot of your VCSA
  2. Ensure BASH Shell and SSH is enabled. To enable this, login to your VSCA console, go to Troubleshooting Mode Options and Enable BASH Shell and SSH. The options will automatically disable after 60 minutes.

VSCA U2 - Enable Shell and SSH

  1. Mount your downloaded ISO to the vCenter server. I will do this through VMware Workstation.

VCSA U2 - Mount ISO

Time to upgrade

Make sure you have created a snapshot of your Virtual Machine, enabled BASH en SSH and mounted the correct ISO. SSH into your vCenter and login using root and run the following command:

software-packages install --iso --acceptEulas

VCSA U2 - Install update from ISO

Once I submitted the command it took roughly 15 minutes to finish.

During the upgrade I had the VCSA console open. I saw the following while the SSH window was on Upgrading software packages….

VCSA U2 - Console during upgrade

To complete the upgrade the VCSA needs to be rebooted. If you are still in the BASH shell enter the following to reboot or just reboot it from vSphere Client/Web Client.

shutdown now -r "Enter Comment"

VCSA U2 - Reboot VCSA

Once booted the console will now show version

VCSA U2 - Upgrade completed

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