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How to configure reverse proxy on Synology NAS DSM 6 Beta 2

Finally! DSM can now serve as a reverse proxy server. With this build-in feature it is very easy to configure your NAS as a reversed proxy.

In the past you had to rewrite different apache rules with config files

Take a look at this post to see how to configure reverse proxy on the new DSM 6.

How to configure reverse proxy

Login to your DSM via the webinterface. Go to Control Panel –> Application Portal



Go to the Reverse Proxy tab and click on “Create”



In the following example I installed an Application named Sonarr on my Synology NAS. Now I want to access this application with a domainname without port numbers or subfolders.

The reverse proxy will redirect traffic to example.brainpulse:80 to localhost:8989

The result!

Synology_DSM6_Reversed-Proxy_Sonarr_1 Synology_DSM6_Reversed-Proxy_Sonarr_2

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