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Install Language Packs on Windows 10/11 the easy way

I have a lot of customers who want to give their end users a localised experience with AVD and W365. This means that they install language packs onto the Session Hosts and configure it either with GPO or scripts so end users will have their session in their own language.

I know from experience that working with language packs is not that easy. We are talking about Language (interface) pack and also about the Features on Demand like spell check, fonts, handwriting, text-to-speech etc. You need to download the correct versions, need multiple files and also some scripting knowledge to get it working.

Remove all resources within a Resource Group with Azure DevOps and ARM

Did you know it’s quite easy to remove all resources within a Resource Group via an ARM template. Sometimes you just need to “empty” a Resource Group without removing the Resource Group itself.

This way settings like Access Control and tags which are configured on the Resource Group itself will not be removed. You can also login to the Azure Portal, select all the resources within a Resource Group and click “Delete“, probably you will find yourself deleting depended resources first before you can delete the last bits of your previous deployment. So why not automate this!

Managing Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Part 2 – Enrolling your WVD session host into Intune

This is the second part in the Managing Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Endpoint Manager series. In the previous part I showed you how to join your Windows 10 WVD session hosts to your on-premises AD as well as the Azure AD with the use of the Hybrid Azure Domain Join.

In this post I will share with you how to automatically enroll your WVD session hosts into Intune. And then… well, that’s were the fun begins!

Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop (Second edition) – Video and Slide-deck

On the 30th of September Christiaan Brinkhoff and Microsoft organized the second edition of the Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop event. This is a free community event organized for Microsoft customers and partners. The first edition was in April this year, and like before there where a bunch of awesome speakers which presented their sessions about different topic regarding Windows Virtual Desktop.

Managing Windows Virtual Desktop with Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Part 1 – Setup Hybrid Azure Domain Join

Last week Microsoft announced the support for Windows Virtual Desktop machines in Microsoft Endpoint Manager. You can now enroll Windows Virtual Desktop VM’s that are hybrid Azure AD joined with Microsoft Intune and manage them in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center the same way as physical devices.

At this moment I think we are all managing our virtual desktop environment with the use of Group Policies and Golden Images. At least that’s what I do and what I see my customers are doing.

Windows Virtual Desktop Videos from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Last week it was time for Microsoft Ignite. This year I was planning to go but due to Covid-19 the entire event was held all-digital. There were a lot of great sessions but I didn’t had the time to watch them all.

Most of the sessions are now available at the Microsoft Ignite website, I created this post with all the interesting sessions about Windows Virtual Desktop and the new Microsoft Endpoint Manager support. This way you can just visit this post and see all the videos and content at once.

Windows Virtual Desktop Spring 2020 service update [Coming soon]

I decided to write a blog post about the upcoming updates for Windows Virtual Desktop. The last few months a lot has been said and shown by Microsoft regarding new features and updates to the WVD platform.

For this information I am relying on what’s publicly available, what I have seen in screenshots and presentations and what Microsoft MVP’s posted on social media.

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