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Synology DSM 6 Beta 2 integrates Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates

With the use of Let’s Encrypt you can now secure your Synology NAS with free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. For more information about Let’s Encrypt go to

DSM 6 Beta Program

Via the Beta Program you can download pre-release software of Synology for your NAS. You can try the newest developed features and enjoy the benefits first-hand. The only downside is that you cannot downgraden once you upgraded to the beta version. Before upgrading your system make sure all your applications are compatibel with the new release. 

Updating your Synology with DSM 6 Beta 2

Installing the new software straight forward really simple. Download the correct package for your Synology NAS. If you don’t know for sure which NAS you’ve got you can check this by logging in to DSM. Go to Control Panel –> Info Center.

When the download is complete go to DSM. Then go to Control Panel –> Update & Restore en click the button “Manual DSM Update”, browse to your download location, and locate the .pat file. Click OK to begin updating your NAS.

In the next blog item I will show you how to install a SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt using the new DSM 6 Beta 2 software.

How to install and configure Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on DSM 6 Beta 2


  1. Sandeep

    I am using DS212. I’m not sure if I want to go to DSM 6. I am afraid if it will slow my DS down.
    Which model are you using?

    • Stefan Dingemanse

      Hi Sandeep,

      I’am using two different models, on both I have installed the new DSM and so far I’m not experiencing any problems except for my Surveillance Station.
      – DS412+
      – DS213

      DS213 running the following packages:
      Cloudstation, Couchpotato, Sickbeard, SabNZBd, DNS Server, MariaDB, Sonarr, Transmission, VPN Server, Webstation and HTPC Manager with all the dependencies.

      I’m also using the DS213 for all my media devices through NFS (3 Raspberry Pi’s with Kodi)

      DS412+ running the following packages:
      Webstation and Surveillance Station

      This one is dedicated for my IP camera’s.

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